Benefits Of Using Your Own Domain With Gmail

Recently I posted a tutorial How To Use Gmail With Your Own Branded Domain.  

Yet I did not explain the reasons and benefits for using your own domain name for emails, instead of using or etc

Professionalism, free advertising, brand reinforcement and better organization are all key aspects to using email with your branded domain.

1. With your branded domain every email you send out advertises your website, every time you give someone your email address or advertise your email address on your business card, you can also be advertising your website. Using your branded domain as your email ID will promote your domain rather than Hotmail or Yahoo!

2. Using your domain name for emails gives constant reminders of your domain name to your current users and customers, which is critical for your overall brand reinforcement.

3. It is simply more professional, and it gives that impression to clients too, whenever I see small business’s use free email accounts, it looks amateurish compared to using a branded domain for emails.

4. Unlimited options, with any good web hosting company you can make an unlimited number of email accounts and/or email forwarding, so your employees can have use of the branded domain too.

5. Organization gets easier. Creating several emails for different purposes can really streamline communication flow and email organization.

6. You don’t have to give up your current email address. If you’ve been using Hotmail or Yahoo! for years, you can simply forward emails to those accounts from your Gmail account with its branded domain, but just remember to reply with your branded domain! 🙂

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