Better Than A Business Card!

Web Design PlymouthWhat for your business can be better and far more beneficial than a business card? I’ll give you a clue, it starts with the letter W, another clue, You’re looking at one!

That’s right a website!

Though its obvious, it’s worth a look at the benefits, as there are still many small businesses without a website, or those who use it as just an after thought.

Whilst a business card is, and will remain so a major part of your communications strategy and essential for networking at business events and to give to clients, its fairly limited. A business card is small and cut down to the contact necessities. It leaves too many unanswered questions such as services, prices, advice etc

But with the popularity of the internet, a company website is destination clients go to for all of these unanswered questions.

With its local and global reach, unlimited content, interactivity (such as a contact form, or social media input), and unlimited choice of styles, websites can really tell your clients so much about your business, the scope is simply endless! They have been truly a major advance for companies since the birth of the internet.

And so we come to the most important piece of information you should put on your business card – Your website address!

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