JCM Design Referral Program

JCM Design recognize word of mouth recommendations are one of the highest JCM Design Referral Programcompliments any company can receive. For sending new clients to JCM Design, our referral program acts as a thank you for your trust and confidence.

When you recommend JCM Design services to a prospective client and your recommendation results in a new or redesigned website, JCM Design will provide you, the referrer, with one of the following referral rewards:

£20.00 payment
An hour of free website maintenance.

If you have friends, family and business associates that are interested in a website, simply recommend JCM Design and ask them to mention your name.

Contact JCM Design to let us know that we may be contacted by your referral. There is no limit on how many times you may take advantage of our offer!


Onlу one reward wіll bе awarded per website.

Yου mау nοt refer your οwn existing website.

Referral rewards wіll bе paid tο thе referrer after payment of the new website or redesign is complete.

JCM Design reserves thе rіght tο change οr modify its referral program.


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