New UK domain in 2014


Due to launch in summer 2014, the new shorter .UK domain extension will considerably transform the British namespace as we know it.

As it stands, owners of .CO.UK domains will have first refusal to register the equivalent .UK domain names. Unique .UK domains will be offered on a first come first served basis.

The plan will allow owners to buy a .UK web address to use instead of or in addition to CO.UK, ORG.UK and other alternatives.

Nominet, the organisation responsible, had previously ditched the idea after acknowledging it would confuse people. But after making some changes and carrying out a second consultation it said it now planned to proceed.

The decision will affect more than 10 million customers who currently use domains ending in .UK when it begins in the middle of 2014.

Will the new .UK domain extension baffle and astound internet users or will it come as a blessing?

Only time will tell but I plan to buy one, but what happens if Scotland gains independence next year too!

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