Reasons To Go Mobile

mobileIf you have a website that hasn’t been redesigned in five years or more, the chances are your website isn’t optimised for smartphones, but why is mobile-optimization a must for YOUR business?

Check out these reasons why your website cannot afford to remain unresponsive for much longer!

1. Popularity

It was hard to imagine just a decade ago that the great majority of internet users would abandon their desktop computers and browse the web by other means, but today over a billion users are accessing the web from mobile devices!

Mobile users have now surpassed desktop users, and are the chief viewers of the web.

If you haven’t updated your design in years, the chances are you old website is being viewed from a device it was not designed for.

2. The Future

Mobile numbers are only increasing as wireless gadgets become more and more popular with the general public. As older mobile phones get upgraded to smartphones and as the price of tablets tumbles down, more people than ever before will view the internet on smartphones and tablets rather than on a Desktop PC or Laptop.

3. Shopping

With the popularity and acceptance of digital payment systems such as PayPal, Google Wallet, and Square, shopping on mobile devices has become much easier to do and is now commonplace, now that more people are confident to shop on their smartphones, they are also likely to browse the web with their handhelds too, rather than just visiting Amazon!

4. Switching Screens

Your website may have been first viewed by a user on a desktop computer, but as already stated users now feel much more comfortable than before viewing websites on handhelds and are likely to return to your website on another device. So the second time a person returns to your website it very may be via a smartphone or tablet, if your website is not optimized the experience for the viewer may not as be as pleasurable as it first was. A responsive website makes mobile browsing much simpler for your audience.

5. Google

Mobile responsiveness of your website is more important than ever for pleasing Google and acquiring organic traffic, as Google favours mobile friendliness in its SERP rankings. To march up its search engine rankings, now more than ever should your website be mobile friendly.

6. Social Media

Most mobile internet access is used for social media, for sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and if you yourself engage in social media, it’s likely your website is linked to your social media profile and is prominent on your social media page.

Engaging in social media increases the chances of your website being viewed on a smartphone.

7. Gaining an edge

Despite the advantages already mentioned in this article a good proportion of small business websites aren’t yet optimised, which means if your website isn’t yet mobile friendly you have a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and stay ahead of the game.

Optimized websites for mobile is an easy way to immediately gain an edge over competitors.


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