Templates – Pros and Cons

Template Pros And ConsWhilst browsing the web (especially on business sites), I often come across two websites that look exactly the same, and often these websites are of the same profession.

Such websites are due the use of templates, usually they free but often templates can give an amateurish look, especially if your closet competitor is using the same design!

Below is a short list of Pros & Cons of website templates, in the hope that it may be of use to a new business seeking an online presence.


Template Pros

Ready To Go – With a readymade template to download you already know what the finished article looks like. You can chose a template that appeals to you from the wide range available.

Speed – A downloaded template can be up and running within a fraction of the time of a custom creation, provided you have the content, pictures and logo ready to customize the template.

Choice And Cost – Templates are very cheap to buy, whilst some are free, there’s also a huge range of them available on the internet to chose from. However, prices, quality and support do vary.

Template Cons

Not Exclusive Or Unique – Templates are downloaded by many hundreds of users, so they are not exclusive or unique to you or your company. Several people may have already bought or downloaded the template you have chosen. If you can’t modify the colours or layout, your site will be a clone of other sites, which may seem  unprofessional  to users looking at your site if they have already seen the same design elsewhere.

Forced Design – With a template it may be difficult to add extra navigation links should you decide to later down the line. If you have a lot of content to add but have chosen a template with limited space for text, the additional text may hinder the look of the webpage if the template was not designed for lots of content. Templates force you to fit your content into a predetermined design instead of the other way around.

No Search Engine Optimization – Website Templates will only give you the shell of your site. They are not optimized to attract search engines.  A template is very unlikely to come with keywords and meta-tags to suit your needs.

Free – Free Templates often come with a catch, often requiring you to display a link to the template site on the footer, You can usually pay to remove this.

Customer Support – After tweaking your template, you may have found an error you just can’t fix, customer support for templates is very hit and miss depending on where and who you downloaded the template from.

Ownership – Certain companies that offer hundreds of templates to chose from, offer domain names too, when you register a domain through them,  you are essentially not the owner of your domain name. In fact, the company actually owns your domain name and rents it out to you for a fee. The same goes for your website, you do not actually own it but rent it from them.


Therefore, as much as you may want to make your site as original as possible, you won’t achieve this objective unless you hire a web designer to create a unique website for you.

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